Crystals absorb negative energy. That way they keep you positive, but that also means that they have to be discharged or cleansed once in a while so that they keep working. One crystal absorbs more energy than the other. For example, tourmaline is a stone that absorbs a lot of energy. The cleansing of your crystals isnecessary about once a month, but you can do it more often if needed. There are a few ways to cleanse your crystals.

Each crystal has its own character. For example, some crystals provide energy and warmth, something you can use in the dark winter months. And other crystals are grounding and represent growth and renewal, which can connect you with spring. In short, every season has crystals that suit it well, from crystals that help you through the winter to crystals that challenge you to take on new adventures in the summer. If you want to feel more connected to the seasons, working with these crystals is a good idea. :)

Crystals send out positive energy. Sometimes, this energy needs to be refilled to ensure they keep working properly. Usually, charching crystals is necessary about once a month. Of course you can do it more often if you feel this is necessary. There are a few ways to charge your crystals.

If you are not looking for a stone with a specific meaning, you can look at your zodiac sign. All crystals can be used by any zodiac sign, but some just fit better than others. This way you can choose a stone that really suits you. :)