- grounding - perseverance - creativity -

Jasper is a grounding and protecting stone that comes in many colors. It breaks through blockages and stimulates your perseverance. It helps you to reach goals and stimulates your creativity and fantasy. It helps you to take action, makes you assertive and determined and helps you to stand up for yourself.

Dalmatian jasper

Dalmatian jasper is a protecting and uplifting stone. It can help against depression and nightmares. It lets energy flow and protects against negativity.

Ocean jasper

Ocean jasper gives you the feeling of comfort and safety. It has a relaxing and calming energy. It helps you to let go of negative feelings and thoughts like worry or fear.

Red jasper

Red jasper helps you to work in a disciplined way. It increases willpower and perseverance and decreases the fear of conflict.


Jasper can be cleansed and charged in every way. Here I explain more about cleansing and here about charging crystals. :)