Charging crystals

Crystals send out positive energy. Sometimes, this energy needs to be refilled to ensure they keep working properly. Usually, charching crystals is necessary about once a month. Of course you can do it more often if you feel this is necessary. There are a few ways to charge your crystals:

  • Sunlight: crystals can be placed in the light of the sun to charge them. The sun has a powerful energy, so it doesn't take long to recharge crystals this way. But be aware that some crystals can discolor if they spend too much time in direct sunlight. 
  • Moonlight: just like the sun, the moon can charge your crystals. If you place your crystals in the windowsill overnight, the moon will charge them with positive enrgy. Usually, the full moon is used for this, but different moon phases have different meanings. For example, if you think the waning moon suits the meaning or purpose of your crystal better, you can also place your crystals in the windowsill then. :)
  • Moon water: in stead of your crystals, you can also place a glass or jar of water in your windowsill. That way, the water absorbs the energy of the moon. For example, if you want to charge your crystals under the full moon but it isn't a full moon, you can use the moon water you made when it was a full moon. You can put your crystals in the water for about an hour. Keep in mind that not all crystals can go in water.
  • Charge/discharge set: a charge/discharge set contains an abalone shell, clear quartz chips and hematite chips. Hematite is perfect for discharging crystals. Put the hematite chips in the shell and put the crystal you want to discharge on top of that. Leave it like this overnight, and your crystal will be discharged of unwanted energies by the next morning! The same goes for charging crystals, you do this with the clear quartz chips.
  • Selenite: selenite is a crystal that is perfect for cleansing and charging other crystals. Selenite discs and bowls exist especially for this purpose.

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