- growth - motivation - peace -

Aventurine is a calming, positive and protective stone that motivates you to make your dreams come true. It attracts luck and prosperity and stimultes your creativity, inspiration and patience. Aventurine gives you the feeling of peace and satisfaction and has a soft energy.

Yellow aventurine

Yellow aventurine is the stone of self-worth and self-reflection. It brings you close to yourself and lets you listen to your own emotions. It is a great stone for hypersensitive and highly empathic people.

Green aventurine

Green aventurine is the "Stone of Opportunity." It calms you down when you're overthinking and keeps your emotions in balance. It can help against nightmares and can help you to get a good night's rest.

Red aventurine

Red aventurine represents personal power. It strengthens your assertiveness and helps you persevere in difficult situations.


Aventurine can be cleansed and charged in every way. Here I explain more about cleansing and here about charging crystals. :)